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5 Ways to Get Rid of Excess Inventory

The holiday shopping frenzy will wind down soon and retailers will be left with all the inventory that didn’t find a new home this year. Or at least, not yet. Despite the best efforts of retailers and brands, inventory supply never aligns perfectly with consumer demand. Either it is underestimated how much inventory is needed

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4 Ways Retailers Can Prepare for a Successful Holiday Season

The holidays are the one time a year that consumers are united with a common goal: find the perfect gift. Some are bursting with excitement while others feel overwhelmed but both have two things in common: they love a glittering retail display and they want a great shopping experience. And, since customers start buying holiday

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3 Ways Retail Merchandising Will Make Your Holiday Sales Less Spooky

Retail merchandising helps brands ensure that once their inventory makes it to the retailer, everything goes smoothly. Here are three ways retail merchandising can help you make the holidays, from Halloween through New Year’s, less spooky and more profitable. What is retail merchandising? Before diving into what retail merchandising can do for your sales, it’s important

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