The In-Store Holiday Retail Execution Checklist

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like most brands, you’re already in the busiest time of year: holiday retail sales. But don’t let this year scare you. Even with persistent supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and rising inflation, a successful holiday sales season is possible with a little planning and the right

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Why In-Store Retail Execution Matters Most During the Holidays

In-store retail execution during the holiday season can feel like a high-stakes video game. Goal 1: order the right amount of inventory based on predictions. Goal 2: get inventory to the shelves. Goal 3: make sure the inventory on the shelf is set according to the planogram and is priced correctly. Goal 4: get inventory

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Five Trends That Will Impact 2022 Holiday Sales

The busiest retail season of them all, the holidays, is just around the corner and this year, the trends impacting suppliers, consumers, and retailers alike are wild. For starters, there’s a massive labor shortage for retail workers, which impacts everything from price to in-store execution. Then, there’s rising inflation squeezing consumers’ wallets. How shoppers and

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Preparing for the Holidays: Retail Outlook 2021

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The calendar flipped to November first and we can already taste the peppermint. Consumers, retailers, and suppliers are already poised to dive headfirst into another unique holiday season. But even with shipping delays, the persistence of Covid-19, and economic shifts, the outlook is eager and bright this

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How to Ensure Retail Execution During the Holiday 2021 Season

This time, last year, we were headed into a holiday retail season like no other. This year? It’s even more complicated. More than a year of shipping delays has created a frankly unbelievable backlog. Worker shortages at ports, delivery services, and retailers have exacerbated the supply chain strain. And, to top it off, the globe

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Excess Inventory

The holiday shopping frenzy will wind down soon and retailers will be left with all the inventory that didn’t find a new home this year. Or at least, not yet. Despite the best efforts of retailers and brands, inventory supply never aligns perfectly with consumer demand. Either it is underestimated how much inventory is needed

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4 Ways Retailers Can Prepare for a Successful Holiday Season

The holidays are the one time a year that consumers are united with a common goal: find the perfect gift. Some are bursting with excitement while others feel overwhelmed but both have two things in common: they love a glittering retail display and they want a great shopping experience. And, since customers start buying holiday

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