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It’s All About Displays This Holiday Season: Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?

This year, consumers are gearing up for holiday shopping early. Interest in holiday deals is up 450% from previous years. This indicates two things – consumer interest in holiday shopping is high, in keeping with easing inflation and the continued desire to return to normalcy. But this interest comes with a heavy dose of discernment, as economic factors present ongoing challenges and consumers are increasingly able to hunt for the best prices through various online channels. Brands need to look sharp for the discerning consumers who will turn up for this long and steady holiday season.

Capture Holiday Dollars with Eye-Catching Displays

Eye-catching displays are the key strategy to draw in this year’s holiday consumer. Displays continue the visual narrative that the consumer experiences online. This is a factor of growing importance as omnichannel merchandising becomes more expected. Endcaps and displays are also a perfect vehicle for cross-sells and bundles. This year, 30% of businesses are focusing on cross-selling opportunities, which combines the prioritizing of deals as well as a growing trend of meeting customers where they are.

Endcaps and displays provide strong lifestyle visuals, memorable branding imagery, and information about deals, as well as an opportunity to place complimentary products together. A stunning display can even increase your social media buzz. Brands have found that shoppers will take a photo in front of an exciting display, and data shows that sharing on social media can have a big impact on a retailer’s bottom line. Nearly 80% of consumers say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions, and 66% have been inspired to make a purchase from a new brand after seeing social media images from other customers.

This year’s holiday shoppers are all about the visuals, bringing expectations from their online shopping experiences and hoping that shopping itself will be an opportunity for sharing on social media. But they are also concerned with the life cycle of the products they buy. Consumers want to know where a product’s material and packaging come from, and where they might end up. Endcaps and displays are an excellent opportunity for sharing this information in a way that will impact today’s visually-oriented consumers.

Displays are Powerful – if Done Right

Endcaps and displays are a powerful solution for the challenges and opportunities this holiday season presents. But they are also a major stumbling block in the chain between brands and retailers. A third-party merchandiser can tighten up these connections to ensure that displays meet their potential for impact. RMS offers Endcap and Retail Display Services that will make the difference in in-store execution this holiday season.

Here are a few examples of past displays that we’ve serviced:

Athena Club highlights their product with visually appealing colors and larger-than-life imagery. This display emphasizes inviting product visuals to catch the eye of the consumer.

Quip uses their endcap space for storytelling.  It allows them to express what makes their product unique.  Endcap displays allow brands to provide key selling points and short copy much like an online experience.

Function of Beauty uses a soft and dreamy, on-trend ombre color palette to catch shoppers’ attention.  This specific product requires customers to purchase multiple items to match their hair type.  The display uses perfect placement to ensure products are kept in the correct order and easily step customers through the purchase process.

GreenPan’s display uses their identifiable green color to call attention to their brand, which was a well-known Direct to Consumer brand prior to entering retailers. They used their endcap space to identify each of their pan sets and uses, making it an educational and creating a value statement.

The Key to Success – Display Installation and More

The success of each of these displays was in the perfect execution of every step. First, the visual marketing was powerful. Then, the displays had to be installed. Finally, frequent audits and on-time restocking have to happen on the store floor. The financial and time investment in endcaps and other retail displays are worth it. But if your display or product never makes it to the floor, it will all be for naught.

We make sure that doesn’t happen by assigning each client their own account manager who works with the field team to ensure that endcaps and displays are set correctly and that they are fully stocked. All signage and ISM materials are serviced and documented to make sure that your investment in storytelling follows through to the consumer’s in-store experience. With 64% of shoppers reporting that the in-store experience has the greatest influence on their purchasing decision, it is clear that this step is essential to making good on your holiday goals.

Every year we are learning more about the ways that consumers interact with brands both online and in person. While at one time it seemed that one form of shopping might win out over the other, we now see that increased hybridization of the two is the order of the day. While this holiday shopping season will prove to be long and robust, it presents the challenge of keen-eyed consumers whose vision is trained on emotional narratives as well as solid deals. Keeping up appearances is essential this holiday season, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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