As a preferred partner, RMS covers 100% of Target store locations. Our merchandisers visit Target stores a minimum of once a week, spending a total of over 500,000 hours annually servicing their locations. Retail Merchandising Services and Target have worked in a preferred partnership since Target implemented the program.

Access and log-in credentials to Target’s MyDevice – MyDevice access gives RMS merchandisers visibility to a store’s inventory system, showing backroom inventory availability and location without the need to interact with a Target team member.

Backroom certified – Merchandisers gain unaccompanied backroom access, allowing the movement of backroom inventory to the store floor and moving inventory out of backroom locations in Target’s inventory system.

Corporate store operations relationships – Provides forward knowledge to store process changes that can affect merchandising.

Impact of Preferred Partner Relationship

Access to store resources, backroom certification and the level of visit frequency creates store knowledge, Target process expertise, and most importantly, personal relationships with Target team members. The results are a higher level of execution, more efficient service, and the ability to collaborate with Target team members seamlessly on tasks like inventory count adjustments.

Exclusive Target Services

Due to accessibility, duration, and frequency of visits by RMS merchandisers, we offer these services exclusively at Target.

  • Thirty-minute full-service merchandising
  • 15-minute Snap! Audits
  • Unassisted inventory cycle count and inventory audits
  • Target team member-assisted count corrections
  • Shelf label and store sign printing
  • Store specific Item Alerts
  • Tiered Audit Service

Snap! Audits

Snap! Audits are a fast and affordable way for brands to get a glimpse of store level execution of planogram sets, promotional displays, endcaps, ISM campaigns and any other store executed initiative

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Item Alerts

Item Alerts allow clients to address store-specific inventory issues as well as shelf-label and sign audits on known problem items. Phantom Inventory/Store Voids can create empty shelves, interrupt store orders, and ultimately result in lost sales.

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Tiered Audit Service

Endcaps, sidecaps or any type of display are key traffic-driving locations. Our Tiered Audit service ensures these coveted locations are set timely, filled with product, and are engaging to customers

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