Target Exclusive Service

Item Alerts allow clients to address store-specific inventory issues as well as shelf-label and sign audits on known problem items. Phantom Inventory/Store Voids can create empty shelves, interrupt store orders, and ultimately result in lost sales.

Why is this service important?

  • 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Out-of-stocks result in lost sales.
  • Phantom Inventory/Store Voids prevent products from flowing to the store.
  • Store-initiated physical inventories that fix these issues happen once per year at best.

Service Tasks

Stock products from the backroom to the sales floor.

Physical inventory counts

If the physical inventory audit shows an inaccuracy, merchandisers partner with a store team member to request count corrections.

Check for missing or damaged shelf labels or signs and replace them.

RMS Deliverables

Clients have their own experienced account manager. Account managers work with you throughout the entire process to develop the service, create the questions you want answered, and conduct field tests. Your account manager keeps you updated throughout the project with status reports, service insights and final detailed results.rnrnThe RMS Compliance Team works with the field team to provide best-in-class execution and proofs 100% of the photos taken during this service to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. RMS delivers three reports: two are summaries of progress and findings during the service and the final report includes store-level detail and is delivered within 48 hours of service completion.