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Retailer’s select Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) are their go-to partners to perform third-party services inside stores. PSPs are granted access to areas and resources that others are not, allowing them to provide services and insights not available to other companies. Retailers are highly selective in choosing their PSPs, and being designated as a Preferred Service Provider doesn’t happen overnight. RMS has worked relentlessly over three decades servicing retail as a trusted merchandising partner.

Our Premier Partnership:

RMS is proud to be a preferred partner to Target and one of their inaugural partners of over 38 years. As a preferred partner, RMS merchandisers have access to critical store resources and spend over one million hours annually servicing in Target stores. Preferred partner designation results in a higher level of execution, more efficient service, and the ability to collaborate with Target team members seamlessly on tasks like store voids and inventory count adjustments.

Access and Log-on credentials to Target’s MyDevice handheld devices with direct access to a store’s inventory system

Backroom Certified

Corporate Store Operations relationships

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Merchandisers in all 50 states

RMS services many different retailers across the country and has a tried-and-true process to scale to new retail partners based on our clients’ needs.

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