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Why RMS is the Right Retail Merchandising Partner for Target Suppliers

You have a wealth of options when choosing a merchandising partner. What sets RMS apart from the rest of the pack is our unparalleled level of experience with Target, our customized solutions, and our level of contact throughout Target stores.

Unparalleled Retail Merchandising Experience

RMS is a privately owned, boutique agency specializing in servicing Target, and is proud to have been a Preferred Target Partner for 38 years and counting.

Collectively, our leadership team brings more than 150 years of executive retail experience. On top of that, the majority of our leadership team and account teams have worked in Target stores, with many as Executive Team Leads and Store Directors. This brings a deep understanding of Target to our clients that just cannot be matched.

Flexible Merchandising Solutions

By drawing on this experience, RMS is able to offer solutions that are flexible to the shifting needs and challenges our clients face. And above all, we care about building deep and long-lasting partnerships with both our clients and our retailer partners.

Our “secret sauce” is an open secret – we value relationships.

We assign field reps to specific stores that become that representative’s primary location. This provides concrete insight to the unique qualities of every store and creates strong relationships between the RMS field rep and the management team at the assigned store. The result is more efficient service, more willingness to help from Target team members, and higher rates of success locating cartons of critical SEM or product because of deep knowledge of that store.

Customizing solutions allows RMS to respond to specific challenges with nimble strategies. Numerous case studies show how RMS has been able to make a difference for brands facing issues such as Scan-Based Trading (SBT) management. RMS is also responsive to challenges and opportunities that arise from economic trends and seasonal patterns, designing crucial strategies for display maintenance in response to changing consumer behavior.

Every Target Store Covered

RMS covers every Target store with average completion rates over 95%. Our field team visits every Target store at least once per week and averages over 1 million logged hours in Target stores annually.

RMS focuses on quality service. We employ 150 certified trainers across the country. Every field rep spends their first day in face-to-face training at the store they are assigned, learning the RMS way as well as the Target process and meeting the Executives and Team Leads in the store they will service.

RMS offers so much more than routine visits, and the difference shows in our execution rates and client satisfaction. Our best-in-class compliance and other protocols are popular with clients, garnering such comments as “Everything was great! Love the communication” and “RMS is a great partner and I recommend their services to our clients regularly.”

Whatever your unique challenges, RMS has the experience and flexibility to provide the merchandising solutions you need. Our built-in process with Target means we are positioned to improve everything about how your brand is represented there. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!