How to Ensure Retail Execution During the Holiday 2021 Season

This time, last year, we were headed into a holiday retail season like no other. This year? It’s even more complicated. More than a year of shipping delays has created a frankly unbelievable backlog. Worker shortages at ports, delivery services, and retailers have exacerbated the supply chain strain. And, to top it off, the globe

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back-to-school 2021: how to prepare for a successful retail season

Back-to-School 2021: How to Prepare for a Successful Retail Season

We’ve never been more excited about a back-to-school retail season. After 2020’s constant back and forth of students going into school, or not, we’re thrilled that classrooms are able to safely open back up. It’s hard to tell who’s more excited: students or parents. But regardless of who’s more anxious to get out of the

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phantom inventory starves sales

Is Phantom Inventory Starving Your Sales? Store-Level Inventory Audits

One of the perpetual challenges facing retail brands is knowing whether inventory is actually on the shelf, or if it just looks like it’s there. If there are discrepancies and items are actually missing when they’re reported as “in stock,” the costs to suppliers and retailers can be devastating. Is Phantom Inventory Impacting Your Sales?

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woman adjusting promotional display of razors

How In-Store Marketing Helps Brands Stand Out and Sell

Once a customer steps through a retail door, brands want their products to capture their attention and dollars.   In-store marketing (ISM) is the most useful tool available to achieve both. ISM is the not-so-secret tactic that retail marketers can use to stand out from the competition and maximize conversions at the point of sale. 70%

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Woman auditing endcap display.

How to Use 3rd-Party Merchandisers to Maximize ROI from Promotional Displays

While trends are shifting dramatically to online shopping, high-traffic display locations at brick-and-mortar retailers are becoming key branding and sales drivers. Endcaps, sidecaps, and free-standing displays are prime real estate locations of any retail store. Like window displays of the past, brands are using these visible and high traffic spaces to gain brand recognition and

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New Year, New Look: Navigating a Successful Retail Reset

The New Year has retailers focusing on spring retail reset season. Of course, resets happen throughout the year, but spring and fall resets are key transition times. It is prime time for brands to introduce new products, train stores on new offerings, and recalibrate strategy from lessons learned in the previous year. Keep reading to

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