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What is Visual Merchandising?

Anyone who has ever walked into a retail store has seen visual merchandising at work. Visual merchandising is a marketing practice that uses floor plans, color, lighting, displays, technology, and other elements to attract customer attention. Its ultimate purpose is to use the retail space to generate more sales.

A visual merchandiser is the person behind the magic. They combine marketing principles, retail merchandising knowledge, and creativity to use the space and layout of the store to present the store’s inventory in a positive way. They are professionally trained and may be tasked to manage the following:

  • Window installations
  • In-store displays
  • Interactive displays
  • Shelving
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Posters
  • Price tickets
  • Promotional / seasonal displays
  • Mannequin styling

Benefits of Visual Merchandising

All types of retail stores can benefit from visual merchandising. Some of the key benefits include:

Reflects your brand – A good visual merchandising display stays in-line with the company’s overall brand. For example, a franchise business might want all its franchisees to have the same promotional displays. It gives a business a sense of identity and brand consistency.

Engages the shoppers – An attractive and welcoming store creates a positive first impression. It encourages people to come into the store, and can help guide them in finding the right product for their needs. Visual merchandising helps create a positive shopping experience for customers so that they will be more likely to return for future visits.

Grow sales – When done effectively, visual merchandising can increase sales by directing people to the products they want or need. It can also help them discover new products and solutions. A nicely dressed mannequin can encourage a person to seek out an outfit and accessories that they may not have originally been looking for.

Whether you are selling clothes, hardware, electronics, food, or anything else, a professional visual merchandiser can be an important asset to your team. They can help your retail business get the results you want.