Store Audits: What Are They And How You Can Complete One Efficiently

Audit can be a scary word but it shouldn’t be. An audit takes a look at something you do and assesses whether it’s working, or not.

In retail, there are 3 main types of audits:

  • Market Audit – typically done through a survey, this measures brand sentiment & your competition. This is helpful to understand consumer trends & if your products are well-positioned in the market place & in the store or if you need to makes some changes.
  • Merchandising Audit – this is the “nitty gritty” of audits & looks at your inventory data, sees if your inventory is on the shelf where it should be, checks planogram compliance & more. This can be time-consuming & costly, which is why RMS is here to help!
  • Loss Prevention Audit – this takes a look at if your loss prevention plan is working, if products are being stolen or misplaced & how to minimize this. Partner with your retailer to better understand what they do for this type of audit. Successful brands & retailers alike will perform these audits regularly. Understanding what’s really happening to your inventory will give you insight into everything from inventory management to customer preferences.

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