How to Improve In-Store Retail Execution and Sales

For retail suppliers, it can be nearly impossible to control how inventory shows up on the sales floor unless they have a partner that can go into each store location, make necessary changes, and report back. That’s why third-party retail merchandising firms are such a crucial piece of the sales puzzle.

The right merchandising partner can improve the execution of resets, promotions, and displays to ensure store presentation is optimized and make sure that their products stand out from the competition.

Read on to learn more about the exact services third-party merchandising firms can offer and how they benefit suppliers.

Services Third-Party Merchandising Partners Can Offer

Before signing with a merchandising firm, be sure to check what services they offer and if they are Backroom certified in the retailer you are needing service.

  • Planogram Maintenance Planogram (POG) maintenance is a retail store health checkup. With well-executed planograms, the shelves are full, products are well merchandised, in-store marketing materials pop and inventory counts are accurate.
  • Endcap and Retail Display Services Endcaps and promotional displays create great brand exposure and sales opportunities. RMS can audit and fix your displays, get them fully stocked, and ensure they remain full throughout the entire promotion.
  • Executing Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) Instant redeemable coupons are a great way to make your product stand out from the competition and drive sales through promotions and soft bundling. RMS can assist you with IRC application to elevate your brand.
  • In-Store Marketing (ISM) and Execution In-store marketing engages customers and helps your product stand out from the competition. Whether it’s shelf signage, displays, or other point-of-purchase materials. RMS can help execute your ISM programs.
  • Perishables Maintenance Food and beverage merchandising includes non-direct-to-store food and beverage suppliers keeping their products in stock, accurately inventoried, and rotated for freshness. 
  • Reset and Revision Audits Retail audits confirm a store has executed a new planogram (POG) reset, display, endcap, in-store marketing (ISM) placement, or other changes. RMS can also fix sets that were not executed correctly.
  • Scan-Based Trading Management Merchandising partners can even assist with Scan-Based Trading (SBT) programs. They can manage the retail execution from getting your products from the receiving docks to the salesfloor, reporting accurate inventory counts, and keeping items organized and priced correctly. RMS is an experienced scan-based trading merchandising partner.

You can view all of RMS’ services here

Partnering with a Third-Party Merchandising Partner to Maximize Retail Success 

Poor in-store execution can result in up to a 25% loss of retail sales. Don’t let your inventory get lost in the shuffle. Hiring a third-party merchandising partner allows you to keep an expert eye on your in-store sales and execution. Third-party partners can increase in-store execution up to 40 or 50%, ensuring your products stand out to consumers. 

As opposed to the DIY approach, the right third-party merchandising partner will have an established relationship and knowledge with your retailer partners. For example, with backroom certification, your third-party partner is able to access the stockroom and ensure products make it from the docks to the floor. Field teams are able to work independently inside a given retailer to perform services. RMS is Backroom Certified at Target and has been a Target Preferred Partner since the program’s inception. See RMS’ web page on Target Services for more detail.

Meet the Challenges of Today’s Markets with the Expertise of a Third-Party Merchandising Firm

Market trends around labor shortages, inflation, and less reliable supply chains have created a new, challenging landscape for brands. As consumers continue to purchase fewer goods for more money, brand success relies more and more on maximizing in-store sales. While retailers face labor shortages and may struggle with stocking, resets, and auditing, you can ensure your products receive top-notch attention by hiring the right third-party merchandiser. 

While bringing on a third-party merchandising firm is an investment, the right partner will offer a return on the investment. Consider these questions when considering partners.

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