Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience in the retail and sales arena, complemented by a track record of revitalizing businesses and fostering unprecedented growth. Throughout her professional journey, Elizabeth has consistently demonstrated an entrepreneurial mindset, adeptly conceptualizing and implementing initiatives that drive revenue, expand volume, and enhance profitability. Elizabeth has spearheaded transformative endeavors that yielded significant increases in revenue and elevated market visibility. Her notable achievements include the reimagining of strategic merchandising plans, effective management of P&L performance for portfolio companies, and the development of crucial reporting mechanisms for OKRs and KPIs. Drawing from her extensive experience, Elizabeth has held senior positions with renowned retailers and vendors. Her adeptness in forming strategic partnerships with companies and brands has led to the creation of well-defined strategies, clear objectives, and compelling brand narratives, resulting in consistent successes. Her track record includes growing market share, enhancing retail presence, and maximizing return on investment for the brands she has worked with.